I have been working in the Audiovisual field since 2015 what have led me to make things such as music videos, graphic design and illustration; many projects and quite different experiences that have enriched me. Actually, all this have helped me to define my profile as a photographer. Nowadays, I am focussed on still life and composite photography. I do every work: from the scratch, starting with an idea, taking it to post-production, going through art direction, location, lighting set...; among other things. I love conceptualizing images and telling a story through them.
I have always combined my studies in Advertising with courses in audiovisual production, film and art. I am constantly learning and I do not want to miss the chance to participate in a project that may help me improve my knowledge.
Two words that define me are: curiosity and perseverance, putting both together has made me achieve my goals.
I invite you to have look at the stuff I have been doing recently. Feel free to contact me for any inquieres I will be delighted to help you.
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